Comprehensive Eye Exams
Contact Lens Exams
Ocular Disease Treatments

Low Vision Rehabilitation
Low vision examination/evaluation for visual devices such as telescopes, loupes, magnifiers, computers...Our office is committed to provides vision rehabilitation for patients who fully or partially lost their visions, and have no where else to turn to, who had been told by glaucoma/retinal specialists that they have to live with their losses.  Now they have a chance to improve their quality of vision, thus their quality of life.

Keratoconus/Specialty Miniscleral Lenses
Specialized contact lens fitting and customized designed lenses to improve vision.  Many keratoconus patients suffer distorted vision with glasses and discomfort with normal contact lens fit. Our office dedicates our special clinic time to customize the fits and contact lenses for our patients.

Ortho-Keratology (Ortho-K)
Do you have mild to moderate nearsightedness and astigmatism?  Do you want to control your eye conditions in a safe non-surgical way and still enjoy 20/20 vision?  Ortho-K may be your answer.  Ortho-K is a specialized procedure that uses many custom lenses to reshape your corneas to deliver good clear vision.